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Gulf Eagle Division

Gulf Eagle Division is a dynamic youth program that strives to develop qualities of self-discipline, self-responsibility, and leadership in a fun but challenging environment. Gulf Eagle cadets will not receive “Participation Trophies”; rather, they will learn to work and succeed as a team and face challenges to help them develop sound decision-making skills and putting others before themselves… They’ll have lots of fun and make lifetime friends with their unit shipmates and other cadets they’ll meet from around the world. Led by Retired Navy Chief Joey Alonso and an amazing group of sailors, former Sea Cadets, and adult volunteers, Gulf Eagle Division holds drill one weekend a month – typically from 0800 until 1500 (3PM) both Saturday and Sunday. Please reach out to Chief Joey Alonso to find out more and begin your journey!


Upcoming Drill Dates:

February 17/18 -
OASIS High School, Cape Coral
17th - TBD

18th - HQ Annual Inspection


March 16/17 - TBD


April 20/21 20 - Punta Gorda Airport
Aviation Maintenance Day
21st - Oasis High School

Drill Locations

One of our two drill days is normally at Oasis High School, which offers us an amazing gym and indoor running track, in addition to a fun obstacle course.
The other drill day is usually at a unique location between Punta Gorga and Naples. Examples include: Fire Stations, USCG facilites, and military-related facilities. Location details are provided well-ahead of time via our Plan of The Month.


We welcome interested cadets to spend a drill weekend with us before committing.  We’re sure they’ll enjoy it and will become part of the group immediately. 

If you or your child want to come visit us, please contact Chief Alonso

Check out the FAQ’s for more information or contact us.


We function solely on donations and dues paid by cadet families.
PayPal charges us a 7% for their services, so please keep that in mind and feel free to donate a little extra to offset the charge.

Use the below link to pay your registration fees or make a much appreciated donation.